Please don’t give up on me

Please don’t give up on me

Please don’t give up on me

LTME-postDear EX,

Do you know whats it like not having you around my life anymore it’s crazy, it’s like my whole world had been turn upside down and the heartache and pain just won’t go away, every day and night i would lie on my bed crying just crying my eyes out over you, i never love any man the way i love you i know it sound crazy but it’s true i love you from the first day i saw you.

I know I’ve been a real bitch towards you i haven’t cheated on you just my attitude towards you really suck, i hated what i become i realize that until the day i lost you forever and that was a year ago, not a day goes by that i don’t stop thinking about you because i do your always on my thoughts and forever will be in my heart, I’m so sorry for giving you such a hard time i didn’t mean to say those hurtful things to you i only said it out of anger just to proof a point to you, love makes you do crazy things without thinking even hurting the ones you love with all your heart.

I missed you so much you have no idea how much i do, not texting you not talking to you always brings tears to my eyes it hurts so much, i missed you every time you say you ”LOVE ME” when were texting and hearing your voice on the phone just melts my heart away all the time, they say love comes and goes just like the wind if your fast enough you can grab a hold of it and never let go, well i thought i did how stupid was i i thought we had it all you and me i thought our love was invincible nothing can break it, but our stupid fight prove us wrong i thought we were gonna make it but we didn’t and that was my lost.

What hurt the most was the day you gave up on me you didn’t even fight for what we had and that was our ”LOVE” for each other you just completely walk away and never look back, it hurt like hell i cried so much i gave up on everything my life my family and my friends, but when i stop thinking about you i came back to reality it was a slow process but i manage and somehow i found the strength to get back and enjoyed life once again.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with painting and sketching landscape and people it help me a lot without months of no communication from you, do you remember when i text you how do you say “I LOVE YOU” in your native language you text back ” Te Amo”, i wanted to get to know you better know your culture more i was falling madly head over heals for you, i told my mum i think i finally found the one my soulmate i was so caught up in my happy moment, i never realize and ask you what you really wanted i assume you wanted the same thing that i wanted,

I missed you with every beat of my heart i really do and if we ever do cross path again, i would approach things differently then i was back then giving you such a hard time, i would love to give us another try i just hope that you’ve already forgiven me by then, all i can do now is sit and wait anxiously for your reply and let your heart decide, I’m scared and I’m crossing both of my fingers hoping that you’d see this letter if not than i truly did lose you forever.

I maybe feeling sad and blue because of you but loving you was real that came from my heart, with you i didn’t need to pretend to be somebody i was just being me just wanted you to know that, i hope the journey don’t end for us here please find your way back to me don’t give up on me that easily, i love you i love you with every beat of my heart and you know that because my heart will only beat fast for you.

Wherever you are or whatever your doing or going through just to let you know I’m always here if you need me, take care of yourself from me here I’ll be waiting for you until we meet again I’m putting my faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.

Love from someone who once loved you and still do AB.


  1. m 7 years ago

    I feel your pain I’ve been in the same situation and I have to say to it hurts too, I hope this man you aching and longing for really gives you another chance :).

  2. Saviour 1 year ago

    I learnt so much today and also inspired by this write up posted on this platform! Is so amazing and wonderful.

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