I’m okay now…

I’m okay now…

I’m okay now…

LTME-postDear ex,
It’s been awhile since we’ve been together… honestly, times got really tough for me when we broke up. It’s crazy how just months before I swore I’d never get over you, I swore my heart was yours, and I swore that this would hurt forever. It didn’t by the way! I see you almost everyday, it was hard to do that before, but now it’s almost normal. I sometimes still cry over you, just because I hate you for damaging me beyond repair, but I still love you. You’ve given me so much to be thankful for. I’m so thankful that you taught me to love someone more than myself, taught me to be thankful for life and being full of it! To explore and not be afraid of what people think of me, and most importantly helping me realize that even the “damaged beyond repair” can always be repaired.
I used to hate that we had the same friend group. When we first broke up you hid your emotions, but all our friends knew mine. I’d walk away in silence and cry when I saw you, or sometimes even leave a party if you were there (you continued on having a good time). I never got why it never hurt you? I loved you so deeply and honestly. I’ll still never understand, but I’ll never ask you.
We we’re best friends in our relationship, you knew EVERYTHING there was to know about me! I thought the same about you. There were days I was unsure.. I was right to be. You were unfaithful, inconsistent, and inconsiderate. The countless time you cheated, but I still came back? I never understood why, I thought your words “I’ll change, I promise” would actually follow through every time, but don’t worry you never failed to disappoint me.
Now, after two and a half years we’re finally done. After all the slip ups and running back to each other, it’s finally over. You have a new girlfriend, her and I are really good friends now! I have a new life, I’m happy now. Everything is okay now.. I’m proud of us, the love between us may fade away, but the memories we’ve made have a special place forever in my heart. Everything is okay. I’m okay now.

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  1. denise 5 years ago

    I feel the same way.

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