Still broken

Still broken

Still broken

LTME-postHey Z,
I still love you and boy does it hurt. Our relationship may have been short, but it was meaningful. I still have so much I want to talk with you about, but you never wanna talk about it. I still remember the day you broke up with me like it was yesterday. I remember every emotion. But you know what hurt worse? the fact that you asked out someone else not even 2 days after you broke up with me. But then you texted me and said you loved me and still wanted a future with me. And my hopes went up again. I thought you would come back to me. But a couple days after you told me you could care less if I died in a hole. And I broke again. And when then when you and your new girlfriend were having problems you came back to me and said you still loved me and you messed up. And I forgave you, again. And then we started off as friends again and I thought everything would be okay again. Soon, your new girlfriend dumped you, and you moved on, but not to me. And that hurt like hell, and I broke again. Then you told me you loved me and you wanted to be with me. and I forgave you, so easily, and so quickly. And not even 2 days later you told me you were just stringing me along, and I broke, again. So I finally decided to draw the line, but the minute I tried letting go, you told me, you loved me somewhat and so I held back on. Do you see what you’re doing to me??? You’re breaking me again and again. You’ve not only broken my heart, you’ve crushed my soul, clouded my brain, destroyed me. I wish you would have let me go, if you never wanted me. You kept me as a second choice as someone to fall back on because you knew I would always be there for you. And shit I still am. I’m still holding onto another one of your promises because I’m hoping that this time, it’s for real. But it never is and it never will be. I hope you see this and I hope you stop breaking me.
M <3


  1. Rose 5 years ago

    This guy sounds like a dillhole. I don’t even know you, but I know no one deserves to be strung along. I hope you find the love you deserve (which is exponentially better than this).

  2. Tara Speaker 4 years ago

    I am so sorry. I know the exact feeling, I went through the same shit and still is going through it. We shouldn’t have to go through these heartbreaks like this. You may love him but you have to love yourself more to not get hurt again. They give you so much hope and things to think about for the future, then they just leave like it was nothing. I am going through this heartbreak right now and it’s killing me. I am so sorry.

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