Thank you for leading me to Him

Thank you for leading me to Him

Thank you for leading me to Him

LTME-postA year ago I never would have thought that I would be happy again. You took my innocence, my heart and everything else. You tore me apart. You made my grey skies blue and my dark nights, sunny. You were the person I thought I’d marry but now I know that you came into my life as a lesson and what we had was only suppose to last for a short season or two. I was so young and foolish and thought no one else would make me feel the way you did but then I found God. Thank you for leading me to Him even though you may not know you had done that or maybe you didn’t mean to but thank you so much for that because now I know my worth, I know that I must love myself before some guy can even begin to love me, I must trust myself before I can trust another. When I lost you, I lost myself and then found myself in the back of a church full of people. You don’t know that you did that but that’s okay, because of you I am now a child of God and I can not express the gratitude I have for you because of that.

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  1. Child of God 2 years ago

    Your letter is beautiful. Thank you for reminding me that too. I’m in a much later season of life than you are, facing life and death surcumstances with someone I love so deeply I can’t fathom we’ve only had such a short time. God just used your letter to remind me, something I keep asking myself will we have more time, that whether it’s been only 4 years or 40 when we love it’s always to short. God will guide you to the right partner in the right time, don’t worry. And when He does, the joy will show you the journey to him with God is what will make all the difference in the world. I wish I had known what you write about at a much younger age, my life would have been so much richer. To follow God allowing him to lead me and pursue me teach me my worth so that I could have been known my own self worth in his eyes. I do now and it is because of this I charish the love I have. Thank you for your letter. May God guide your path as your young journey begins, he will keep you and sustain you allowing you to grow and realize who is worthy of YOU.

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