I absolutely hate you

I absolutely hate you

I absolutely hate you

LTME-postLiterally fuck you! this past year you have done nothing but hurt me and string me along. one week you love me and the next you can’t even talk to me. you always say how you miss me so much but when it comes time to seeing me you make up a bunch of lies and excuses. i hate you so much and hope the next girl breaks your heart into tiny pieces because you’re a fuck and you deserve it

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  1. I could never hate you 3 years ago

    I don’ have to wait anymire for you have broken mine more than you’ll ever admit. When did I lie about wanting to reconcile? My silence is because how would could I take that first step to see you after what you said. No single word wilk change that. It is you who has too want to take this step. One reason. Yet you won’t. Who is stringing who along? I won’t ever hate you for the love that was You & I. I was true to my word. Now how about you? X

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