I know I said I’d wait but I can’t anymore

I know I said I’d wait but I can’t anymore

I know I said I’d wait but I can’t anymore

LTME-postDear Handsome,

I missed you so bad, I don’t even know how to move on. I tried, tried so hard not to think of you, but it’s very hard. I felt so hurt, when you just ignored me, why you can’t message me back? It made me feel so stupid, coz I’m still talking to you every day because I don’t want you to feel alone. I still care, I won’t deny it. You’re still my everything and I hope you feel the same. Whenever you’ll gonna tell me that you still love me I want to ask you back, but I am too afraid for everything that might happen. I know you love your work and how they pay you, but babe you’re getting older and I don’t want you to spend your life that way we both know you’re lonely. I told you I’ll wait but I can’t anymore, baby I Love you but you just gave me a reason not to wait. I am sorry I always wanted to marry you, I promise I will meet you someday. I can’t even imagine to marry someone else. Just hoping you are fine and hoping you will never message me again when you’re bored. Still loving you.


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