A family of convenience

A family of convenience

A family of convenience

LTME-postI’m going to say now what I will never have the guts to say to your hateful face. I lied to myself and to you when I said I don’t hate you for what you did to us. I have come to realize I do.

When we met you couldn’t leave me alone. They used to make fun of us. Saying “oh, here comes your puppy! He missed you! Can’t get away from that one can you?” You became my best friend. Some time after my marraige fell apart you told me you loved me.we started what I thought was a real thing. Man was I a fool. You got into legal trouble. You got out of it by telling the lawyer and judge that you had a family to support. But it was me supporting you. I did it all. Bailed you out of jail, drove you over an hr to work every day just to get back to my own job and then rush up to get you again. 4 hrs I drove. Every dammed day. 4 years later your troubles were over. All charges discharged due to my efforts. Less then 3 months after its all over you tell me you never loved me. That you never wanted a family. You just want to be free.

I should have let you rot. My kids were just props to you. As was I. A servant. A driver. A chef. A live in prostitute. Don’t call me when you screw your life up again. I’m not going to be there this time. Because you weren’t there for me. Not once.


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