Why couldn’t you just tell me the truth?

Why couldn’t you just tell me the truth?

Why couldn’t you just tell me the truth?


Hey Emily, you won’t see this but i figured it might help ease my mind by writing down my thoughts. The pain that I’m feeling is some of the worst pain i have ever been through, so much that my stomache physically hurts when i think about it. What you did hurts more than being cheated on, when you told me that you weren’t able to continue what we had because there was so much going on in your life and you wanted to focus on self growth,i tried to convince you that i was there for you and only wanted to grow WITH you and to soo you become the woman you were meant to be. I saw you at a willow point mentally and still loved you more than words can describe.

When we split it obviously hurt but i knew it was for you to get better and that’s all i want for you is the best. We had stayed “friends” and still had a class together so we were still on good terms but it still hurt to see the person i love through a brick wall. But all that was shattered when i saw you kiss that guy a week after we split. My whole world had been shifted and i was panicking in my mind, you had said you only met him a week after and that he already met your parents. Right now i feel so bretrayed and abandoned, i lost my best friend and i lost a girl that i saw an eternal future with. The worst part is that i still want you and i still wish you were mine even after i saw that. I hope this works out in a way i or even we can laugh about it in the future but that’s just me being a optimist 🙁

I love you Emily,


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