My final F**k You

My final F**k You

My final F**k You

LTME-postI am finally sick and tired of making up excuses for you and the way you’ve treated me these past 2 years almost. You are honestly the biggest cunt I have ever encountered in my life and I can guarantee you that now that you are out of my life for good, that my life is only gonna get better each and every day. You act like you are this confident amazing guy, but take a look in the fucking mirror. In reality you are a fucking insecure little prick (literally and figuratively). Now I understand why people talk behind your back all the time. Karma is a fucking bitch so I am now able to coast through life knowing that you are going to be fucked over just like you did to me. I honestly can’t tell you how happy I already am knowing that I am done with you for good. You know that you’ll never get a girlfriend who cared about you as much as I did. I thought that I was the pathetic one in this relationship, but it was honestly you. Lets take a trip down memory lane when you sent the following texts after barely a month of dating “I am so lucky yo have you, be mine. I don’t care if it sounds crazy but you are perfect and I want to be with you for a long ass time. You are perfect and I wish I was with you” or how about this pathetic one from the same week “I want to send you why I think you are so incredibly beautiful. First off, everybody has a little thing that they love in someone, like some people like blonde hair, some like dimples, but for me imma smile snob. You have to have the perfect smile and you have exactly that. You have this perfectly cute round face and I have never dated anyone with black hair before but its adorable on you and when you curl it, its fucking sexy on you and I just wanna kiss you all night when you have it. You have the cutest and smallest body and I love it. I love the fact that I could smash you at any point. You are the cutest girl and I fall harder for you every single day. Although i was on vacation this week, it was still a hard time being away from you and being so far away. You are the best girlfriend baby and I really really really really like you. Thank you for being mine” I hope to God that you cringed as much as I did. Looking back that is all so fucking pathetic. Remember when you had to torment me in order for me to send a nice message, yeah I would never send them cause I wasn’t that fucking pathetic or whipped. All you’ve been in my life is a cancer and I am so glad I finally never have to deal with you ever again in my life. I can’t wait for the day that you realize everything you’ve done and regret it all cause it will be way too late. And trust me this time when I say that you will never be hearing from me again because you will be utterly forgotten

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  1. Jess 3 years ago

    Cheers to that, girl! Fuck him.

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