Ironic, I’m cruel?

Ironic, I’m cruel?

Ironic, I’m cruel?

LTME-postTo Thomas B,
I knew all along from the start of our relationship when you told me that you didn’t like my kids or rather that you didn’t like me when I was with my kids, that I should have broken up with you. You are selfish, cruel, passive aggressive and a martyr but I chose to forgive you when you apologized. Now, a year after our break up, you tell me that the reason was because I “lacked tenderness” and because “I am cruel”. You said you started to “fall out of love” after a big fight in Calistoga, one that was triggered because I realized you had a double standard and that your kids were no better or worse than mine and yes, I got angry saying that and much more. But that was 3 years before you broke up with me. Did you forgive me, like you said you did, or did you just see me as good enough in Amsterdam until you moved to Denmark and traded me in for a Danish bozo? Was it all a big lie, the worry about losing me when you moved? You are evil.

I wish I could warn the women that enter your life in the future. You are a liar. You are commitment phobic. You cannot be trusted. You break hearts. I know you broke Blanca’s heart before mine and before that your ex-wife’s. I knew but I thought I was different. I fooled myself. I trusted you and you can’t be trusted. You are a selfish, cruel person. You are not even a person because a person has feelings. I wasted six years loving you and parts of me still love you. I know you know you acted without integrity because you’re afraid I want revenge. I don’t want revenge. I want acknowledgment, honesty. All in all, you’re not worth it. You were never worth it. You will get what you deserve and I deserve better than you.


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