My dearest penguino

My dearest penguino

My dearest penguino

LTME-postOne year ago I was very happy, my life was perfect, I was planning a beautiful surprise for you because I was in love with you. I was completely crazy about you, smiling every day, texting you, laughing with you and today, I am wondering if one day I will forget you, if one day I will stopped dreaming of you. You told me you were trash, because you wanted me to realized the kind of bad guy that you are; but no, you are not trash. Every time you looked at me I saw through your eyes your beautiful soul, I saw a lovely, talented, good, and the perfect guy for me.

I cannot forget our walks at the beach, to see together the sunset, to dance with you, and the passionate nights of sex that we had. I cannot forget the way you kissed me, when you used to sing to me. I cannot forget every morning that I woke up next to you, everything was perfect. We lived one amazing month in paradise but I never thought that it will take me one year to get rid of this painful feeling of not having you next to me.

I cannot believe that right after we break any kind of communication between us, you immediately started to live with “costeñita”. Why? You told me you loved me, you told it to my family as well. Why? You told me that you were breaking with me because you don’t want a relationship and a month later you are living with her????? seriously??? What does she have that I don’t? She has bad spelling!!!! She is so ugly!!!! She just want you because of your money, because she wants to have babies with you!!!!!

I wish I had been more clear telling you that I don’t want babies, I only want you. Me and you, traveling together, going to Hawai. Just me and you, as we planned it. I wish I should have been more insistent and obligate you to love me just as “costeñita” did it. I wish I had cried more in front of you and show myself less strong that I am. I wish I had beg you for love. Or what? Tell me what I would have done? I am so jealous of her, every time I imagine you kissing her, or singing to her, my heart breaks into pieces.

I wish you were here with me and share with me this amazing experience of living in Europe. I wish you were here to love you, to kiss you, to smell you. I wish I could prepare you a nice coffee and sing to you. But moreover, I wish I can forget you soon, this pain is killing me. Each and every single day you are getting even far away from me and you are getting closer to her, and that hurts like hell.

Muero por llamarte y decirte que te extraño, que me haces mucha falta mi amor.


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