The truth hurts

The truth hurts

The truth hurts

LTME-postI knew there was something off about you, Mr. Monkey Biz. Did you think I wouldn’t find out?

I’m going to get tested for STD’s since you were sleeping with both of us. God help you if I caught anything from you and that hooker you are fucking. She looks like a walking case of of the clap. If I have caught ANYTHING, nothing will stop me from destroying you in this town.

You’re real classy MJ. You need 2 therapists. One for each face. What a joke. Will you tell him about THIS incident? Therapy doesn’t help if you LIE asshole.

You’re not a man, you are a professional liar. I’m sad to know truly great people we share in common don’t know what a walking piece of excrement you are. I won’t say anything. Karma is a bitch and I know you’re destined for the worst life ever. Lock yourself in your bedroom and listen to Bowie’s Heroes on repeat, maybe that will exorcise the demon that you are and save all unwary women from your filth.

Don’t worry, I’m done with you. Not going to waste any more time wallowing in the garbage that is your contemptible life. Cocksucker Blues is the perfect movie for you and that skank. Have fun sticking your feeble cock into that female sewer you seem to like so much.

Don’t try to fuck with me. I’m not SOMEBODY like you are, but I would have no problem exposing you to everyone and skipping my happy ass into the sunset while you sit in the ruins of your life. I’ve gotten my anger out and now I want to get back to being the badass bitch I truly am.

Forget dating real women junior, stick to your teenagers and druggies. A 60 year old man who likes ’em young and stupid. You’re a real catch. You are not worthy to be in the same room with a magnificent goddess such as me. Yes, this is divine wrath motherfucker. You deserve this and every other terrible thing that karma will bring you.

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  1. No, its not me! 6 years ago

    Totally related to that, and enjoyed every word!

    • The Wisdom Goddess 6 years ago

      You’re welcome! 🙂

      I have to say that now time has passed and I had to work out the why and how this all happened, it turned out to be a real incentive to me to get my life back in high gear and so many wonderful things have happened since I got away from this toxic man and his ex-girlfriend. I’m doing FABULOUS! I just feel sorry for the next woman who gets involved with this man. He is definitely a narcissist. He keeps his ex around so there will be triangulation and he can start the whole cycle over again. Blecch. Bottom-feeding low-lifes.

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