Thank you for the memories, Sweet Ocean

Thank you for the memories, Sweet Ocean

Thank you for the memories, Sweet Ocean

LTME-postSometimes things are better left unsaid or in the dark. It’s easy for me to just walk away and say, “Hey it was fun for a minute”. I could be mad, upset or mean but it isn’t worth it.

I already knew you were seeing someone else, I never expected nor did I want to have you all to myself. If I wanted that, I would have been looking for a “live in” relationship. I’m not naive at all. I was fine with it and would rather you left it unsaid.

What really blows my mind is that you would think I could stalk you in any way. Really? I don’t know what has happened to you in the past but I just don’t get how you think that I would do anything like that. I have so many fond memories of you but that one really does hurt. I have to bite my tongue with this topic because it’s almost laughable. Almost!

You never did understand the reason why I gave you that book, pitch it. I don’t want money, buy your grand babies something.

I felt a bond to you, even as just a friend, that I never thought would die. You had a true friend in me, one that wanted little to nothing in return. Someone that truly cared about you and I was happy with that 90%. Your occasional company was very special. I was able to put that smile on your face.

Thank you for sending me your selfies, both the ones with a smile and the sexy ones.
Thank you for talking me into sending a selfie or two, I never did that before. Remember opening the one at work?
Thank you for our late night conversations.
Thank you for asking me what my best feature is, which has motivated me to achieve it.
Thank you for being a good friend, even if just for a short while.
Thank you for enlightening me on a male grooming tip.
Thank you for playing 20 questions, that was really fun.
Thank you for sending me Good Morning texts. I never thought two little words could make me feel so alive.
Thank you for motivating me to clean up my house….after you were there and some of the comments you made…it looks so much nicer and inviting now.
Thank you for motivating me to buy the kayak… was on my list but after shopping with you…it made it to the front of my list.
I do miss getting some sides. Even though I didn’t actually do it much. The thought was always there! 🙂

Most of all, thank you for putting a little sunshine in my life and a smile on my face.

If you ever do want to talk, you know how to find me. I understand if you don’t.


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