I wish things were different

I wish things were different

I wish things were different

Hey T,
I know that we still talk every now and then as friends and It makes me happy to see you doing well with your life. The one thing you don’t know is the sadness I feel when you talk about our past relationship. You were the best I ever had and there’s no replacing you, you completed me. I try to find what I found in you in other girls but it’s no-where to be found. I’m so sorry for everything bad that happened between us and I wish things were different. I thought I saw a future with you but I guess things were different. I wish you the best always.


  1. Darell 3 months ago

    Hey necnec, (janica)
    Hi, I wish you could read this one day. I’m sorry for hurting you. I know you are happy now. Thank you for 4 years . I’m always here for you..

  2. Christine 3 months ago

    Thats so sweet. If your both in contact you should show her this. Why did you two break-up?

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