Two years on, still thinking of you

Two years on, still thinking of you

Two years on, still thinking of you

LTME-postIt’s been nearly 2 years, and I still can’t get over you. You broke me, I couldn’t enjoy my life knowing you walked away from me, but i’m starting to get stronger and actually live my life. I go out now with the girls and laugh, i spend time with my family now, I get out of bed most days. You were my first love, and I want to move on but something just won’t let me. You’ve made it quite obvious you’re over me and that you hate me, so why can’t I move on? I’ve gotten rid of all your stuff, but I still think about you everyday, hoping you’re okay, because I know how head-wrecked you get and I was the only one who made you talk. Who’s doing that now? I hoped one day we can be friends because I miss you and will always care.

Sincerely, the girl you broke and you didn’t even know it


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