I’m done with you

I’m done with you

I’m done with you

LTME-postI wish I would have let you know that you never deserved someone like me.

If you ever read this, you’d think it was harsh. But, let me explain. When we first met, things were wonderful; until I saw your true colors. The thing is, you don’t care. You never cared about me, or really anything other than yourself. At first, I thought it was me. I took it so personally, I beat myself up over it, and wondered what I had done to have been treated so badly. But, I realized it was you. We would talk, and then you’d avoid me. You would avoid me when I needed you the most, and come back just to do it over again.

I was the girl you never should have let go. I put up with all your drama, all your lies, and stayed when I should have left. I came back to you every time because I truly thought you were going to change. When we talked on the phone, I savored every second, because I knew you’d start avoiding me for months again after.

The thing is though, after months of going back, I’m done. You don’t deserve me. You’re blocked. And I’m done this time. You won’t believe me when I say it


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