I miss you.

I miss you.

I miss you.

LTME-postNo matter what I’m doing I always find myself thinking about you. Today I thought about how much I hurt you and you still stayed with me, I thought about how much I crave you’re attention and how much I miss you. You’re still in my life but it’s not the same because you’re not mine anymore, it’s been nearly two months since we broke up I don’t feel any better I still want you. I want you more than ever right now I want to talk about our kids and how you’ll have to pick their names otherwise they’ll all be named after me but we can’t have that conversation anymore. I hate that I’m always sad and going back over everything I have that somehow relates to you. I can’t think about you without getting sad and I should be happy and telling people how amazing my girlfriend is but instead Im spending two hours telling someone all about my ex. You really shouldn’t be my ex, you were supposed to be my forever. I miss you, I love you.


  1. stasha collins 5 years ago

    i completely understand your post. im in pain also from the lost off my forever guy.

  2. Victoria Dean 1 year ago

    i need a guy to kiss me and actually mean it

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