I don’t know if I’ll ever forget about you

I don’t know if I’ll ever forget about you

I don’t know if I’ll ever forget about you

LTME-postDear my EX-boyfriend
i still feel the pain of what happened between us and i wrote you two letters and to say how i felt but i don’t know if i will ever forget about you. i still love you. i wished that i could get you out of my head but i just cant. I still love you but no one will know how much i hurt after us. I didn’t tell you everything that goes on in my life but i had to say what i thought said or should have done. you will never feel the same about us i am very sorry for what i did to you but you can learn forget and forgive. i had my first kiss with you and i loved it but i wished we could have had another one but i took you for granted. i will always care about you and have a little love for you . Even though you are my best friends cousin i will always care about you. i wished i never did anything bad to you and i love you . i am very proud of who you have become. it has been 2 years since the break up of us and i still have the gift i made you for Christmas and i still sleep with it every night to have you be my safe cover. i know that you were mad at me but i will always love you

love , K.B.C


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