I pray that you will rot in hell

I pray that you will rot in hell

I pray that you will rot in hell

LTME-postDear Negative Piece of Scum,

How I wish I could read this in front of everyone and show them the kind of bastard you are. No one knows the kind of hell you put me through, no one knows why I left you and no one knows how I could stop loving you.

The day I left you was the day I’d had enough of your shit. You never treated me like a girlfriend, you thought I was your slave. You controlled me! I wasn’t allowed to talk to boys, I wasn’t allowed to go out with girls, I needed your permission to get out of my house and you followed me everywhere I went. You fucking jerk, you cried after our breakup? Everyone thought I was a bitch for breaking your heart.

Remember how many times you broke up and I brought us back together? Did you ever realise how I felt when you called me a slut and a hoe (not to mention a ‘prostitute’) in front of your friends? You broke my phone, you slapped me in public, you fucking abused my parents in the type of language that I’d never heard, you broke my nose and I also had swollen black lips once a week because of you.

Couldn’t you see that I could’ve easily left you then? I was blinded by my love for you and I failed to see the monster you were. But I know that now, you’re nothing but a selfish, useless and shitty nightmare and I pray for you to rot in hell honey.

Let’s hope you find someone who’s just like you.

PS~ I got over you long back and I suggest you get over yourself as well 🙂

The girl you couldn’t mess with

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  1. Emily Greene 4 months ago

    This poster will eat her own words by gloating.

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