I’m sorry, I love you

I’m sorry, I love you

I’m sorry, I love you

LTME-postRemember when we first met? I knew you was the one but hey I was wrong. We dated for a year and 1 month, you loved me, you cared for me, you thought me stuff about myself that I didn’t even knew I could do. I ended thing because I was confused I still love you and I wish you could read this letter but my prides too big. I love you and I really do. I wish you could give me another chance. I remember when me and you use to talk on the phone for hours and we use to video chat for hours. You use to write me good morning and goodnight messages. I still have them all. I still have our pictures. I have videos. Now they are just memories that I cherish and hold on too. They hurt and a lot but I can’t delete them. I close my eyes and I imagine me and you again. Us. But I wake up and realize it’s all a dream your gone now. And maybe there’s another her. What can I say. I wish you the best not because I don’t love you but because I wanna see you happy. Because I rather see you happy even if it’s not with me I want you to know that deep down I truly love you and I hope that she makes you laugh more then what I did and she loves you but she will never love you like I did because my love for you was strong and it still is. I hardly see you anymore. You tried to avoid me most of the time. I really miss you I do so please if you ever read this know I am thinking of you and I love you like I did the first day you asked me to be your girlfriend.

-your guera


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