Shattered heart

Shattered heart

Shattered heart

LTME-postIt’s been a day since I last seen you and a month since we’ve lasted been considered a “couple”. You invited me over yesterday, just to make me think we still had another chance. The think that gets to me mostly is that I did indeed come back after think, and saying, I had moved on.

I had text you yesterday when I left your house and I had simply asked you “What are we?”, well yesterday you replied with “we’re talking, were a thing”, but when I asked you today, your answer had been different. When I asked you what we were today you simply said “idk what I want”. My heart shattered like you had though glass at concrete. Confused I lost my sanity and couldn’t condemn my feelings that were eating to come out. I had told you I needed to know.

Not only did I tell you I needed to know but I told you I needed to know in order for me to move on and so I could try to forget. Then I asked my best friend which is also his best friend what was going on. What he had told me had slipped in to the guy I was taking to’s hands and I had spilled out. He simply said “there you go listening to him again, I’ll talk to you tomorrow”. Heart broken I sat, looking at the stars shining through the shadows with the music softly whisping throughout my ears. I cried. And I couldn’t stop myself either. But there’s a twist to every story.

What you don’t know is, it doesn’t feel the same way as it used to when you held me like you once had beige


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