Learning that maybe it wasn’t my fault

Learning that maybe it wasn’t my fault

Learning that maybe it wasn’t my fault

LTME-postDear K,
The temptation to call you and tell you all of the things that are on my mind is growing too strong.
The fact that you were the first person in 6 and a half years that I allowed into my heart and you took it all for granted is something I am struggling to get over.

You told me that the spark between you and her was all in my head, and that you hated having to ‘reassure’ me there was nothing there. But you sure did love to flirt with her in front of my face, even after I told you how badly it hurts. Then the ultimate betrayal, when exactly what I knew would happen, did happen, and you shattered me into a million pieces.
They say that actions speak louder than words.. this was the moment I realised that you never once even tried to tell her I was your girlfriend. Never once told her to back off. But somehow, you still made me feel like it was my fault.
You have taken away my ability to trust; my ability to feel like I can truly open up my heart without the fear of being hurt.
I do have to thank you though. Thank you for teaching me to never doubt my gut feeling, to be strong and to know I can walk away from such manipulative, toxic relationships.
Thank you for the good times and laughter we did share; because those good times were incredible moments.

I have learnt from this, and from you. And for that, I will never forget you.


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