Never to be sent

Never to be sent

Never to be sent

LTME-postDear J,
So this is my 4th letter on this site to you. The first is under a different alias. I say that as if it matters, you’ll never see this. Its a rainy Tuesday night and I just got home class. I was driving home thinking about how I could be driving too see you. Its been about 9 months now since we broke up. Funny you would think the length of our relationship wouldn’t match the length it took me to move on. Whats worse is now its still lingering. I am really sorry for all the bull shit I caused. I wish I could show you how much better I am and how much better I am doing. It sucks because it seems like its done. I mean I can’t believe thats it. Idk maybe I am just a hopeless romantic but I thought we had such a special bond, can that just die? Are all these friends, especially guy friends, that much of a patch that you forgot all about me? With the way my life is now I know things can be different . You and I, we did need time to change and grow, its not a bad thing that you left, but at the same time a part of me feels as if theres still a part of the story that is unwritten. But again, thats just a feeling. I mean I can feel like I am a Zebra, that doesn’t make me a Zebra , right? I definitely did a lot of growing. I wonder if you did too? I’ve tried moving on to other woman but no luck, none of them do what you did or made me feel how you did. I cant believe I drove you that far away from
me. If its not meant too be thank you for preparing me too be a better man for my wife, as much as I wish that was you now maybe when I meet her I will be grateful you were a lesson and not a blessing. But as of right now I do hope its you. I really hope too just move on just like you seemingly did. I hope this is my last letter to you and for one of two reasons at that, either we reconciled or I finally moved on.
Well like the last words we said to each other before we hung up that phone, I love you.

Only my sweetest regards,


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