I’m glad you’re gone. Don’t come back.

I’m glad you’re gone. Don’t come back.

I’m glad you’re gone. Don’t come back.

LTME-postSo. You.

I hope you feel awful for what you made me go through. One breakup just wasn’t enough, nooo, you had to ask for me back so you could break up with me again. You know what our friend told me? That you knew you were in love with ‘Him’ after you broke up with me the first time. And yet you still made me feel bad, you still fucking begged me to come back because you were JEALOUS that someone else showed interest in me. And then you break up with me to be with ‘Him’, and you even had the audacity to lie about why you broke up with me right to my face. Literal scum. And yet you ask our friend if I still hate you. Of course I fucking do. I have no reason to forgive you. Like, are you actually that stupid? And yes, I read your apology. And that message I sent back about “Oh maybe one day I’ll forgive you”? Lies. I don’t want to and I don’t plan to.

My life has improved SO MUCH since I cut you out completely. I no longer have fear every goddamn day. I’m not anxious every waking second, hell I’m even HAPPY now. I can’t believe that I couldn’t see how absolutely shit my life was for the ~however long~ we dated. You stopped me from being happy, and I hope you feel bad. I hope it eats you alive. But honestly? You’re probably too stupid to even realise. Either that or you wouldn’t care. Bitch.

Look at me, I’m so full of hate now. But you know what? I’m going to give out some friendly advice, just like I did the first time. Isolate yourself. Never date anyone ever again. You are the literal goddamn devil. Okay, okay, so now for the real advice; everything you did with me? The lying, the avoidance and the GUILT TRIPPING? Stop it. Realise that other people have feelings. You don’t always have to argue until it comes to hating each other. Be honest with people, is it so hard? Oh, and the big one? Delete the fucking screenshots folder on your computer. That’s a scummy thing to do (Grow the fuck up).

One last thing before I end my letter. You know what hurt the most? You saying ‘it’s just a breakup’. Guess what? It wasn’t. It was a betrayal.


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