Dear Narcissist

Dear Narcissist

Dear Narcissist

LTME-postI really wish I could understand why you refuse to take any responsibility and apologize for hurting me in anyway over the last three years since we broke up. I made mistakes and apologized. You haven’t yet, and maybe you’re too narcissistic to ever apologize. A slight bit of narcissism is healthy, but you seem to have gone overboard and turned into a full blown narcissist who doesn’t care that he’s hurt anyone. Your daughter seems to have followed in your footsteps on that, too.

I’m not angry. There’s a difference between angry and hurt, and I’m hurt and confused. You continue to get my hopes up for a new friendship by resuming brief contact only to shut me out again. Stop it. Yes, I’ll continue to hope for it without expecting it to happen. Maybe it will happen someday, when you’ve had a change of heart and realize I’m human, too.

Why do you refuse to accept any responsibility for hurting me? What is the reason for blocking me everywhere when I’ve no idea what I’ve done to deserve it? Will you ever give me a chance to prove I’m worthy of being your friend again?


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