No one will ever take your place

No one will ever take your place

No one will ever take your place

LTME-postThe minute I laid eyes on you I figured you were just another girl who I was going to talk to for a couple of days and move on.. We started off by going on a date to a boxing gym.. I acted like I didn’t know how to box and you decided to start teaching me and It made me feel very awkward so I started following your lead in everything we were supposed to do.. I’ll give it to you; Your cardio was probably ten times better than mine and I really wasn’t disappointed.

Our first date was to a damn chipotle…. you know which one, I was beyond shy and was struggling to eat my food trying my best not to spill food out of my mouth cause these hands was shaky as hell 😂 we kept talking after that and I kept growing with you and roughly a couple days later I asked you out (To be my woman) You said yeah…

I remember I hadn’t drank in such a long time and somehow I was convinced by you to do so and I did.. I got beyond shit faced drunk off of barely anything (I still said I drank a lot) I really didn’t. I was laughing so much so full of life and energy when I was with you.. You tried your best to sober me up before we got back to my car because you had to be home.. because of your strict parents..

Some of my favorite times were with you’re niece, I loved going to chuck e. cheese with the two of you.. You thanked me for coming when you really shouldn’t have because I was doing it so I could spend as much time as I could with you.. for gods sake sometimes I used to be 40 miles away from you and I would get in my car and drive the 40 miles just because seeing your face used to brighten up my day.. even if I saw you earlier in the day..

I hated it so much when you were insecure with your body because in reality you shouldn’t have been any bit insecure no body was born perfect and nobody is perfect but to me you had been beyond perfect, the lady I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.. mother my children.. (I never wanted kids.. I never wanted to get married.. You made me want to) Once we went to Kay and I had you pick out what you wanted and like the dork I am I went back and bought it because I wanted to propose to you beyond belief..

Everything started to go downhill when I couldn’t deal with helping myself in order to keep up with you.. You went on vacation I was lonely, depressed, tired, and sick of everything.. I tried to talk to you as much as I could when you were on vacation but you barely had service so it was kinda understandable.. You drove me crazy the night you went out drinking because we had made a promise earlier in the relationship.. that we would never drink when we weren’t with each other.. You said you weren’t drunk but we both know you were slurring more words that lil wayne.

To top it off by the time you came back you accused me of wrong doing.. I don’t even want to get started on because you mentally drained me and I couldn’t listen to it anymore..

Remember how many times we skipped class to literally just hangout and eat bagels and drink orange juice/apple… we literally had nothing better to do than eat food.. I enjoyed it a lot it was very fun…. like that time you made me go rock climbing and I am beyond scared straight of heights… I was one up from the top and I was too scared to go any higher and I really started panicking when I didn’t know how to get down but you.. you told me to just repel down.. I listened because I knew I trusted you and you were right.. We went like 2 times after that.. wasn’t really my thing I just wanted to do whatever I could to keep you happy and it was killing me inside, it still is.

We had our ups and downs in the relationship.. From me getting mad about petty things and you doing really stupid things that set me off and got on my nerves so much but that whole time we were growing in love.. because I thought you loved me the way I loved you and that there would never be anyone that could take my place.. because no one will ever take yours and I hope whatever you plan on doing in life you’re successful and whatever man decides to make you happy.. just do me a favor and make sure he treats you better than I did.


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