I know better now

I know better now

I know better now


Dear Andrew,
I was dumb for getting into a relationship I wasn’t ready for. I apologize for the way I was, I was new to this relationship thing. I was so use to online relationships I had that when it became physical I didn’t know how to act or what to do.
At one point in my life I would’ve chosen you over anyone else. You meant that much to me and I’m stupid for letting you have that power over me. I use to think you were the best boyfriend until you started calling me “weird” for being myself and then you wondered why I acted “lame” you never let me express myself and it sucked because I had to pretend to be this person that I wasn’t just to keep you around.
I regret never standing up to you. I always did what you said.
I still til this day hate you, not only for that but for leading me on for 2 years after we had broken up. I was so stupid for entertaining you everytime one the girls you were talking to was either done with you shit or was sleeping. I meant nothing to you, I was just the girl that you fell back on because you always felt that you NEEDED to be with someone in order to be happy.
2 years of my life wasted on a horrible person like you. But thank you for doing that, because now I’ve learned from your fuckboy ways and I’ve grown and become stronger. From now on I will never let a boy treat me the way you did, I know my worth and what I deserve. I hope your heart drops and you feel sick to your stomach when you see me happy with someone else. I hope you struggle with sleeping at night because the thought of me with someone else just kills you and you reminisce all those times you treated me like shit.
Thank you again for doing me the way you did because now I’m ready to get the love Ive been giving out.
I’ve moved on and I no longer care for you, I deleted you from everything.
Oh and tell your gf about you texting me after you guys had a bad fight and you were saying how you missed me and couldn’t wait to see me. Tell her about that 🙂
Sincerely, that bitch


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