The words I won’t say

The words I won’t say

The words I won’t say


Dear T,
I wish I could say I’ve moved on but I haven’t. My heart aches every day knowing you left so suddenly. I still can’t get over how you left like that. Like I didn’t matter, like nothing mattered. You ruined my judgement for people and make me question who I can ever trust or love again. I think back to a few months ago to how happy I was but realize I was only happy with the memories I was holding onto. I don’t know what happened or changed but when we first started dating, life was perfect. I wish I could go back to that. I really hope you realize what you lost. I gave you the whole world and that still wasn’t enough. Thanks to you, I’m insecure, lonely, timid, shy, numb, and just not myself. You are the cause of my heartbreak and left me to pick up all the pieces. Now I’m mending myself and you’re just a stranger. And it hurts like hell


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