Stop haunting me

Stop haunting me

Stop haunting me


Dear NZ,
It’s been 5 years since our breakup and I have seen you with so many people after me. Why are you always in a rush to fall in love with someone new? Is it because you know deep inside that you can never love anyone else the way you loved me and that’s why you try your best to keep yourself busy with all these guys? You even eventually got engaged to one of them. But deep down you knew.. he wasn’t the one. I eventually dated again and got myself into a new relationship. Tbh, she’s amazing and she loves me so much better than you. But late at night i find my heart searching for you. She didn’t like me talking to you but you still do sometimes. Texts like “hey a letter for you was delivered to my house” just to cover up the actuality of “hey i’m missing you a little today, so let’s see what I can think of to make this text sound as casual as possible.” We’d meet up to talk about life and we’d end off with “I love you” before seperating for months again until one of us makes the next move. I can’t say I was fully sad when your engagement fell apart. No one wanted me to know but I did. I found out anyway. My face lit up somehow because I felt like the one who should be carrying those vows isn’t him. It’s me. I loved you truly from the start. My gf doesn’t know that I’m typing this letter even. She knows nothing when it comes to you. I contemplate leaving her sometimes because even though I love her, I know I couldn’t love her the same I loved you. And I know for you, it’s the same. My heart will always be beating for you. You texted me “we can never be friends.” Why? You love me and like the relationship we have.. We will always be unfinished.


  1. S 4 years ago

    Why waste anymore time. Go get your girl.

  2. LL 4 years ago

    Go Get Your Girl! I would love it if the LOML wrote this letter for me. go for it. You will never know what will happen if you don’t take the chance, don’t make this a what if

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