We hurt each other a lot

We hurt each other a lot

We hurt each other a lot


Dear Emily,
We broke up almost two weeks ago, yet we’ve talked every day since then. We went on a trip together for spring break. Every other day one of us has panicked, then reached out even though we’ve said many times that we need to stop talking to each other. For the past two years we have been infatuated with each other. You broke up with your boyfriend partially because you couldn’t stop thinking about me. We started a strong friendship that culminated in that night in my car. We started dating. I wasn’t ready. I was angry at my life and I took it out on you. The relationship wasn’t equal. You were giving more than I was. So I changed. You have told me so many times that I’ve changed. That I’m the most caring man you know, but you were hurt. You couldn’t forgive me for how I acted, so for the past few months I was giving more than you. And it hurt me. Then we decided to break up. Our love was so intense. The passion was breathtaking. We were fiercely loyal to each other, but the entire time we were broken. You called me last night and cried apologizing for how you treated me. I waited so long to hear that and I’m happy you’re realizing how it was like to be with you these last few months. I don’t blame you for how you acted. You were in pain because of me. We need to realize that we have things to work on if we are to ever stay friends or get back together. I care for you so deeply. You’re not a bad person. You just are in a rough point in your life. It’s going to be ok. We will be ok. I promise that if we stay apart and process our feelings then we will see each other again. I love you Emmy Em.


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