Thank you for being my dream come true

Thank you for being my dream come true

Thank you for being my dream come true


Old Wise Eyes,

You were like my heaven. My dream come true.
But it turns out not everything is supposed to last forever with some people.
At this point, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because instead of spending eternity together, I have to take it as you aren’t coming back , you were that lesson I had to learn.
Truthfully, I’m thankful for our time cut short together. No matter what. I reflect on the glory. The romance. Your gentle hands and the heart I was able to feel beat on my hand.
Spending some of my adult life with you became more to me than I ever thought possible.
There you were before me and I had you, but I see it now as I must have held on too tight.
I miss you each day and still hope, you will come back, yet, each day that passes I learn to live without you more.
I wanted to say, thank you.
For all the love we had, that was ours.
I wish you more than enough

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  1. The American Idiot 5 years ago

    That was beautiful. Something I would hope to read from an ex of mine, honestly. It’s almost identical to something I have written, in an unpublished blog; just to get the words out of my head. I hope she (my A.J.Q.) is well and happy. May you find happiness also.

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