Thank you


Dear Love,
I know you hate be mentioned in public but you gave me no other choice. I tried to explain you for like a thousand times. tbh I was very sure that you won’t cheat on me. but the people around me and some of your friends told me shit about you. which eventually I believed I’m so sorry that I trusted them more then I trusted you. please forgive me.

when I think back now, all you said about my friends were true. I realized that I’ve been manipulated by them. sorry I didn’t realize that but now I do. I should have listened to you sorry I didn’t but now I’m learning my lesson. I feel so ashamed of myself for letting you go for those people.

From now on, I’ll work on improving myself and be better at everything I once were. I know now that you are in happy relationship some other right now. I hope he keeps you happy I only wish that you live a life which is filled with happiness.

there wasn’t a single day in my life that I didn’t think of you since we broke up.

I still don’t understand why so many people tried to tear us apart. trust me, I still remember everything you told me. I’ll be myself and be more responsible and self dependent.

thank you for helping me to be who I am right now.

thank you for the memories.


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