LTME-postHi I’m your old bitch. Ironic, I started dating again then you text the same night I’m out on a date casually saying you want to know if I’m at work. Whatever. I’m pretty much over the hell you put me through. I found a new guy. Finally able to trust a guy. After a year old support groups I finally met a man who loves me unconditionally. Fake ass bitch. You attract what you are, so have fun with all the fake ass bitches like you. Hope you find someone before you get lung cancer or become a dirty old man…you’re getting up there. Oh gosh, I’m pretty fucking pissed. I mean did literally save your life and you cheated on me. Whatever. I forgive you. You’ll be held accountable for your foolish ways. I have a man who loves me more than anything. God bless the broken road that led me to him. I’m obviously still hurt. I mean you cheated on me with your best friends sister and everyone else- girls and guys…haha. I forgive you that’s doesn’t make you any less accountable for your actions it just means you are irrelevant to me now. I know you are fuck up because of your fucked parents, but eventually you have to own your shit and quit playing the victim. You are not Victim. Eventually you’ll be to old to date stupid naive girls. Guess what 30 something women have dealt with fuck boys like you and they are tired of the bullshit. I was your last chance. I went to counseling with you. I asked one thing of you….don’t cheat on me! And you fucking did it. I gave you a home and a new family you never had! Hope that pussy was worth it. (Eye roll) whatever. This is my goodbye letter to you. I forgive you. Please stop being shitty.

Your old bitch.


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