It’s Been a While Since Our Last Conversation

It’s Been a While Since Our Last Conversation

It’s Been a While Since Our Last Conversation

LTME-postdear, r.
hello. i can’t tell this directly to you when we pass in the corridor, or when we accidentally stand next to each other, so i write it here. i just want to say that i’m sorry for all the pain that you’ve felt since we split up. i’m sorry for every drop of your tears that fell everytime my face appeared when you closed your eyes. i’m sorry for the days when i laughed while you were still sad. i’m sorry for the time we didn’t have enough to make our dreams come true. i’m sorry for my “i love you” that i told you every night, and the fact that i was the first to deny it.
right now, i see you finally found a new one; my bestfriend, whom I trust to take care of you. you know what, i’m really happy to see your laugh again. i’m really happy to see your arm embracing her shoulders. i’m really happy to know that you’ve finally found a new happiness. i’m really happy.
do you still remember the song i sang for you back then? secondhand serenade’s song? the lyrics that read “because a girl like you is impossible to find?”– where the word ‘girl’ i changed to ‘boy’? yeah, it’s impossible to find a boy like you again. but it’s not impossible to find a girl like me, because right now, you found a girl better than me. i hope she treats you well, and vice versa.
although, to be honest, there’s a strange feeling that infiltrated my heart whenever i saw you talking to her. because, you know, we’ll never be able to talk like that again. but it’s okay for me. i’m the one who makes the situation feels awkward like this, so it seems we have to focus on each other’s lives now.
thanks for the memory. i love you, as my bestfriend’s boyfriend.

regards, your-7-months-girl.


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