You completed me

You completed me

You completed me

Dear ex, 
I hope you’re doing well. It’s been 40 days since we broke up; 40 days since we last held hands, maybe more since we kissed. I want to let you know that it’s been a difficult but incredible holiday season. 

You completed me, ex. You were my other half, and together we were two peas in a pod, finished each other’s sentences, and loved each other without bounds. I just want you to know that I cherished the time we spent together. How could we have still ended that way when there was so much love between us? I didn’t know it was possible. The love grew more every day, and it continues to grow. 

I’m so happy now. Every day there is a genuine smile on my face, and it’s all thanks to the liberation and growth our breakup encouraged me to embrace. The happier I am without you, the more melancholic our love story becomes. Because I still care for you. I have a new kind-of boyfriend now, or I hope he becomes my boyfriend. He’s sweet and kind and funny and, thank you ex. For encouraging me to pursue a new brighter future for myself. 

I will always, without fail, without doubt, love you. Thank you. You are brave and sweet, sensitive, and not without your flaws. But I hope someone can wholeheartedly embrace those flaws in a way I was never able to, For that I am sorry. But I know someday you’ll view our relationship the same way I do now: filled with equal parts love and pain.  

You are my best friend. I hope you stay safe and happy. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And I’m sorry for still trying to control how you perceive me long after we’ve ended, but: please don’t hate me. I still value your acceptance. 

Yours, your best friend.


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