Kumusta kana? It’s been like 11 months now. 1 month to go before celebrate our 1st breaksary. How you been doing now? You know what, with our 6 months being together including the friendship that we had. Some people would say ang ikli lang naman. But for me. It was like Forever and these are three dates I will never forget.
May 10, 2016-The day I met you
September 12,2016-The day and the first time I ever said I love you to a guy
December 28, 2016- The day I had my first heartbreak.

You never really know that you are my first love. But you were. Akala mo ung nakasakit sakin noon is my first love but you’re wrong. That is only limerance. But with you. I call it Love.

If you will ask me, I doing great, not because your no longer a part of me but because I know myself now. I know myself to the extent that I no longer need you in my life now. So, you might think why I wrote this to you. Well, I did this to say thank you for everything. There are so many things I’ve experienced for the first time because of you. You know what I’ve learned in our breakup? I learn that I have to be strong and independent. I have to rely on myself not to the person whose always with me. I’ve learned that I have to be prepared on the things that may go along in my life. I’ve learned the hard way. I was so lost since that day you left me. I couldn’t fix myself. I got out of focus and demotivated to work.
You’re the best thing that ever happen to me in my 22nd year of existence. And I thank you for that.
Maybe this is not the end of us. Maybe we will see each other again and be friends. Maybe Yes or Maybe No that we will meet again. But I believe we will meet again.

So this is it. Katulad ng huling sinabi mo sakin nung nagpaalam ka. Hanggang sa muling pagkikita.


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