my dearest anna may

my dearest anna may

my dearest anna may

LTME-posti pulled it off as if the end of our relationship didnt bother me
but truth is this is pure agony ,when i read your first poems for me i still cry.
our love was the most beautifull thing i ever had in the world so special
this was not like ordinairy love far from it
the passion was immense and you are a women that can make me laugh like no other
you can make me smile like no other ,after having known you i could never fall for no other.
your beauty was so unique ,you still are the apple of my eye.
you made all my sexual fantasies come true when i held you i wasnt only holding the love of my life
i was holding my best friend it was so easy being with you so natural so adventurous so whole and exciting
never a bore with you my blossom , i saw you develop flowers but i also saw the pedals fall
its been a while now since we opened up to eachother and gazed into eachothers hearts.
these past months have been hard when our love started to dwindle so did i all i do is work
when im home i numb the pain with anythingi could find because if i dont..
it feels like im falling apart everyday like my life’s compass just fell to pieces
i have let you down before and you did me.
5 years it felt like time went so fast when i was with you
from Fort mcmurray to the netherlands i even remember all the times you smiled in egypt
even though we drank so much wine i will always remember that smile
when we werent even doing anything fun i always loved being by your side our views are
so simular yet so diferant
you thought me kindness and you tought me to love even when im mad.
but now im here and your on the other side of the world its been so long
when im not with you …my dopamine drops like the leaves falling from the tree tops.
its gonna take time before my fam comes back to canada i cant leave them again
and in the mean time i dont want you to wait for me any longer i have already made you wait to long for me
i cant put you through that again life is hard when you are on your own blossom and thats not what i want for you
im so proud of you for doing it all on your own though your like no other women i have ever met tough as nails
with the softest touch and the kindest heart ive felt hands down .
il always keep our memories close out of sight not out of heart.
your beauty will remain in my heart and your name wil stay tattood on my arm
vooraltijd anna heavenly divine xoxo thank you for everything that you have done for me
i will never forget it.

ps by the time my fam actually makes it to canada im coming for you and if your not taken
il be there for you because i know your love wont fade for me either
xoxoxox never will i meet anyone that comes close to the kind of woman you are….
from senna bear


  1. wp 3 years ago

    Wow! What a beautiful letter? I wish I could write it to someone just because it’s so beautiful…

  2. Anna-may 3 years ago

    Vooraltijd my senna bear! Your words resonate in my soul. You are my one and only. No man could ever compare. The thousand feelings i have for you all wrapped into one is called bliss. And forever i will miss. To look into those amazing eyes would be a dream come true. I will always cherish what we had and my love for you will never fade. You will always own my heart! Xoxo forever and always,
    Your Anna-may 💖

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