And after all, it’s still you.

And after all, it’s still you.

And after all, it’s still you.

LTME-postHi. I know its been exactly five years and 5 months since you left the Philippines to be in California.
What was supposed to be a vacation, ended up as another decision, that is to permanently stay there. Now im here, under the hot and humid Manila, with nothing more but your old shirt, head phones and a book which you urged me to read. That, and a bunch of unsorted feelings. God, my heart drops just with the thought of you. Every song, every movie, every place i go to reminds me of you, its as if youve never really left at all. Youre still so much alive in me.

Ive been to so much places just to forget--took myself to places i havent been, name it, i even lived on a beach. The feeling has never changed, it hasnt died down a bit, i just got used to the fact that you would never come back again.
If a miracle comes and you decide to go back home, please see me again, no, i that wont happen ever.. its too good to be true.

Goodbye, M.

Always, M.


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