Its been a year since i met someone as awesome as you.
I met you during my lowest of lows. I was the first one who started our conversation.
Ever since, you always makes sense Rob. I learned a great deal from you. You taught me to never give up on my dreams. You taught me that i can be anything if i will only try to take my first step and to not be afraid.
The first time we talked, we were both crazy. I was heart broken and you were heartbroken also. We both wept and comfort each other.
Five months of talking everyday, i fell inlove with you. We are oceans and oceans apart and yet i felt much closer to you.
I can be my quirky self when we talked. After thousands of messages and photos, you then become very busy. I can no longer reach you.
I dont understand why you would suddenly cut our communications. Ive waited for you to comeback and all i get was deafening silence.

There was this one time that you become so lonely, I wanna hug you and comfort you but i just cant because of our distance. I felt sad for you. I cried when you mentioned about your ex and her baby. I was jealous Rob but i hide what i felt because i dont want to upset you.
I love you so much. But you still think of her. That really really hurts me Robbie. I wanna ask you why you wont try to forget her but i just cant. Im scared to know your answer.
I may sound demented but i still hold on to what you said to me months back. I trusted you and your words. I believed in everything that you said thats why i am crying everyday and everynight because i couldnt understand why we end up like this.
Remember when i told you that i only wanted to see you very happy? I meant that. If it is with someone else, i will accept that, but please not with her again. She already hurt you.

Do not go back to the woman who hurt you and caused you too much pain. I always looked out for you.
Thats how much i loved you Rob.
Im willing to sacrifice my happiness to see you happy. You are a very good person. You dont deserved to have your heart trampled on.
I am very far from you but everyday i want you to know that you always matter to me. That i am so inloved with you, but you are not ready. She still occupies your mind.

I loved you very much Rob.
It is with you that i learned to not be selfish.
It is with you that i learned what loving is all about.
I am writing this letter crying.
I hope that you will find your true happiness. I love you and i loved you with all my heart and soul.

It is you that i loved so much Rob. Life will not be the same without you.

Please always take care. You are on your way to success. I am very proud of your achievements.

I love you always Rob. You are always in my heart. I will never forget you.


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