I won’t be bothering you again

I won’t be bothering you again

I won’t be bothering you again

LTME-postDear SY,

i know u r back today…i wished u simple welcome home msg….i was anxiously waiting for your reply… in the hope that u might wanna meet me somewhere not because i wanted to mess with your life.. its just because i wants to your update and everything bout u..how are you? what have you been up to? is everything okay on your side and etc… however there is no reply from which makes me questions myself…have i been treating you bad? i dont think so… have i cheated on you? the answer is still no… or have i bullied you which makes you dont want to talk to me again…and the answer still no..in the bottom of my heart i miss you real bad.. i miss the good times we had… i miss everything bout u… i really do… i just wonder did u ever think of me? or u really just hate me? what did i do to you to deserve this?.. my mind is completely blank.. its okay its cleary u moved on….i will try my best to move on too.. i want to save some dignity for myself…wont be bothering u again….



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