I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

I’m not mad at you for breaking it off after 3 years i’m mad at myself. you had all these plans for us and i guess i got scared i have been trying to move on by dating other people but the truth is it will always be you. if i had to chose you over anyone on this earth i would chose you.

I want you to be happy and i’m glad we stay in touch, but truth is i just want you to be with me we have been through so much together, i never thought we would end and not get back together. i know you moved on and are happy with your life but i’m less happy knowing you can find anyone and marry them in a heartbeat.

I know we belong together but life had different plans for us. just know you are still the one who brightens my day just thinking about you and now that i’m making money moves i’m more depressed cause i’m not enjoying life with you. so i’m sorry for everything i have ever done in the relationship to make you break it off i appreciate you loving me for who i was and never judging me you made me feel loved and continue doing so every time we text.

I know i don’t mean a lot to you anymore but you literally keep saving me from myself everyday just by me thinking about what we could’ve been. i love you and i always will. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to find someone that i love as much as i loved/love you and i know i have to move on but you are my whole world. we have been broken up for a year and everyday the memories are getting more and more faded. soon i wont have any memories of us and maybe that’s for the best but i haven’t been able to hold onto a relationship since you. you are my happy place.


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