Dear B
2 and a half years and you up and left me over text. I’m heartbroken every bone in my body hearts and I feel broken and depressed I just want the whole world to swallow me up because I cant imagine my life without you in it. Every single second I think of the memories and all of the good times and it hurts so bad, the night before you broke up with me you said how much you loved me and couldn’t wait to see me but then you left… how can you just change your mind like that it hurts. I was your fiance and you just end it by text. How could you do this to me did I not deserve more or at least a face to face break up?

I love you with everything I have and I think I always will. I planned my whole life with you and the thought of moving on is not something I want but I know I can’t make you stay with me but I don’t wanna see you move on because I will always always love you and its killing me. You’re the love of my life and the only person who made me feel safe and loved and now I’m left with nothing but an empty hole. I miss everything about you and it hurts knowing i’ll never see you again or kiss you or cuddle you because I crave it so much.

I have to respect what you want but it hurts me so much I don’t know how much longer I can be strong for. I would never have done anything to hurt you but you have hurt me in the worst way possible. Even though I’m not the one for you, you’ll always be the one for me because you really are my soul mate. I guess this is goodbye even though I really don’t want it to be. I will love you forever – I don’t break my promises.


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