Dear Blake, I will admit you played me pretty hard. I really thought you would be the one but it was all fake. What is so sick is how real it all felt. I though I could change you and. To be honest I thought I did for a while there. You were the first guy I truly let my guard down with. I thought I could trust you. How could you do this to me? We never had a great relationship and I overlooked way to many red flags but overall I thought you truly liked me.

I don’t know why you want to take over your grandpas ranch you would make a great actor. That whole time I trusted I was the only one. I was completely wrong. I may have been the only girlfriend but I wasn’t the only girl. I just can’t get what you said to me that night out of my head. ” I really like you and I knew I would hurt you but I went through with it anyway”. So you obviously didn’t like me like I liked you. Something I have learned about you is that you love to hurt people. You left my life months ago but you keep finding ways to come back in.  

Full honesty I thought I was over you months ago but all the memories keep coming back to haunt me. You were a terrible boyfriend but you had your moments where you were the best. That day in your truck we had so much fun. Remember? We had just finished the movie and after we went back to your truck. I layed on your lap and you played with my hair for like 45 min after the movie. We had so much fun. I don’t think I am ready to say goodbye to that yet. I just keep replaying all the moments in my head. You made me so happy. But in the end you couldn’t care less about me. You made me feel special but I was just like any other girl to you.

I wish some girl would come along and hurt you like you hurt me I just want you to understand how you made me feel. It’s torture.  As much as I would love to make you cry so hard you can barely breath and teach you lesson in being alone in the dark. I could never hurt you like you hurt me because even though I loved you deeply and you destroyed me. All that means in the end is that destroying things is who you are and loving deeply is who I am. You lost an amazing girl and all I lost was a toxic immature boy who will never make any girl happy.
Sorry for your loss,


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