You’re just a good person

You’re just a good person

You’re just a good person

LTME-postHey Sue,

Really weird writing a letter to a webpage, but it’s a thing I need to get off my chest.

Its been over 2 months now since you broke up and I had a hard time getting to the person who I am now. I am still ‘recovering’ from the breakup. It’s just so unreal. You were my best friend, you were the first person who I would call, I told you all my secrets, you were there for me when I needed you and I think I was always there for you as well. Just so weird that we never had a fight, now looking back, I hoped that we had some, so I could figure out why you weren’t as happy as you once were. I know talking is hard for you, expressing your feelings and I feel that I sometimes pressured you too much to say something, even if you did by small gestures (which I didn’t realize until now).
I am happy that I am back at the point where I can talk to you, without dying inside. I am happy when I see you , but in the back of my head, the only thing I want to say is that I love you and I need you, but I kind of accepted it that you wanted to leave. If you are happy now, then the decision you took was the right one.
The last 2 months have been tough, because of seeing you every single day.

You are just a good person. You have such a big heart and no anger at all in you. You taught me to see the positive in others instead of the worst. I really hope that you can figure out what you want in your life, I know you don’t like making decisions, but you have to take some in life. I sincerely, hope that you can find the right guy in your life! I hope as well that no one takes advantage of your kindness!

I will always carry you in my heart!


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