Seriously, it is time to move on.

Seriously, it is time to move on.

Seriously, it is time to move on.

LTME-postI know I have said hurtful things in the past, but you seem to have this delusional idea that you have never once wronged me throughout our relationship, and that I am always the one to blame. I truly cannot grasp how fucking delusional, self-centered, stubborn, egotistic, selfish, manipulative, fake, immature, misogynistic, spoiled, fake, superficial, controlling, possessive, pessimistic, narrow minded, entitled and truly horrible you are as a human being. I honestly have not ever been able to say that I truly hate the entirety of a human being in my life, but I honestly hate you.

I hate everything about you. I hate how indecisive you are, I hate how two-faced you are, I hate how much you have BLATANTLY lied to my face, I hate how you say one thing and do the other, I hate how much you have truly embarrassed, humiliated, demeaned and abused me.

You have abused me emotionally, sexually and psychologically. You have no respect for me as a human being and you are honestly a rotten person. Your heart is in such a bitter, disgusting place that I hope I never arrive at. I don’t know who or what raised you to be this way, but you truly need help in every aspect. Your emotions and reasons for saying what you do are entirely based on what you are feeling on that given moment, and you have absolutely no remorse for all of the disgusting, shitty things you say and do.

I truly do not know the soul that I dated for two years, and It disturbs me that I ever found you attractive or appealing in the slightest sense. I look at you when I see you on campus and I just wish I could slap some fucking sense into that small brain of yours.

Your refusal to even acknowledge me or the fact that I have profusely apologized for all of the past hurt is truly so degrading and just horrifying to me. If you choose to continue to navigate life refusing to even acknowledge people who have given you their world, you will get nowhere in life and you will never develop any sort of healthy romantic relationship. To think that I actually opened up to you after I broke things off with you, becoming entirely vulnerable with you saying “thank you for all that you have done for me, thank you for making me your first, thank you for all that you sacrificed for me” and you have the audacity to respond with “I don’t owe you anything as a human being”? What the actual fuck is wrong with you? What is SO, so bitter and toxic in your heart that you think you are justified in feeling that way? Where is your humanity? Do you have absolutely no remorse or consideration for the incredibly hurtful things you say like that?

To think that you have actually seen me naked, completely exposed and my truest most vulnerable self makes me wish I never gave you the chance to even kiss me. I wish you had never even gotten the chance to be intimate with me, because that is a gift I gave away to you and you don’t fucking deserve one bit of it. You don’t deserve to have something that intimate, irreplaceable and special from anyone on this planet, let alone me, someone who sacrificed so much for you and considered you in everything she once did.

I truly think you are a disgusting, rotten person with no redeeming qualities. You’re incredibly coddled, naive and immature in every aspect. I don’t know how you sleep at night, knowing how you have abused me in every way, knowing how you manipulated and forced me into sex and sexual acts after horrible fights that left me shaking and crying afterwards. How do you sleep at night? Truly?

I have said sorry and have forgiven you for all you have done, but truly you are not even worthy of saying sorry to. You’re a disgusting human being and I look forward to knowing you’ll be burning in hell for eternity, because that’s what you deserve.


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