LTME-postDear self,
Why do you keep doing this to yourself. Your letting your health slip.
You said I had no feelings and I only care about myself. Why am I putting myself through hell
Yea we both said some hurt full things. You seem to be better. And I need to get there somehow
I have been neglecting myself. I feel delusional. Im hate that im over sensitive to what you say to me.
I feel toxic to myself. I dont know how to shut my brain. Its at war with itself. I cant tell the difference between reality and my thoughts. This heartbreak has done more damage then any I can remember but we were supprto be married soon before you left. I hope i find my center soon. I feel pathetic in this state.
Hang in there

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  1. Y. Luna 2 years ago

    I’ve been in this state before. Sometimes it’s okay not to feel at the center. Find what is keeping you off balance. Face it, confront him/her, tell them how you feel. Not for them, not out of spite or anger, but for you. Do what you loved before you met this person. Be kind to yourself because the world and the people in it, will not always be kind to you. All my Love, A stranger xxx.

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