You deserved better.

You deserved better.

You deserved better.

LTME-postI know i should be past this by now. I just want to apologise for some things that have been on my mind.

The time u had ur operation so u could higher our chances for a family. U wanted me to come in and sign u out and i wouldn’t. So ur dad had to, and when u came out all i did was give u silent treatment and be an arsehole towards u. I cant imagine the pain u went through with your operation and how u must have been feeling after. I didn’t give u the love and support u needed i didnt tell u how proud i was of u. I must have made u feel like absolute shit. And another time u had an appointment and i said ‘im not waiting with u’ .. The appointments i didnt go to because i was ‘tired’ and ‘couldn’t get up’… U did everything to give me a family and i didnt show u appreciation. What kind of person treats their woman like that.

I knew that having a family meant everything to u and after all the appointments all the worry waiting for results and everything u went through, i did hardly anything to support u. I put my own wants and needs in front of yours and i understand how much it must have affected you and Im ashamed dan.

The times i put u down, made u feel like u wernt good enough. Made comments on how u did ur hair or how u dressed. Its clear to me now that i was the cause of the depression. It was nothing to do with u or anything u did or not being good enough, it was me. I was a heartless, selfish, inconciderate and self-centred, piece of shit + more.

U never deserved to be treated like that i see how i must have made u feel. If i could go back and take it all away i would. Im so Sorry and i thank you for what u did for me.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I dont want anything from u and i wont contact u ever again.


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