Happy New Year and farewell

Happy New Year and farewell

Happy New Year and farewell

LTME-postHi ex

I wanted to say that I saw you recently a couple of months ago, while I was walking to my friends house. You were driving by through that neighborhood and I believe you didn’t see me. I wasn’t expecting that moment to happen its been a few years since I last saw you. I felt so shocked to my core because you were totally on my mind at that moment and when I looked up to cross the street there you were. I got so nervous that my first instinct was hide behind one of the concrete columns of the train station. I didn’t know what to think and just remember feeling completely overwhelmed. I felt like I should stay away and not say anything to you. It was weird because as you were waiting for the traffics light to change while in that car you looked lost in your thoughts and it made me wonder if you were thinking of me because at that same location you had picked up me before when I visited that same friends house back when we were together. But I kept trying to convince myself that so much time has passed that you probably had already forgotten me and definitely had moved on completely and that if it didn’t work out it’s for reason. Now you are back living in our city when all this time I thought you were still living out of state since you left the last time I saw you. Its a feeling I can’t put into words , now the holidays are here , my life is now changing for the better , I am starting a new chapter in my life. I wish you the best always no matter what because I do care what happens to you but I have grown so much and with time I have processed everything about our past relationship, my mentality has changed. Once in the blue, I wake up now feeling that there is still a conversation pending between us, I think closure is needed. I will never reach to you but I will say this to you I am open and willing to have this conversation. The new year is coming and it would be awesome to end this connection on a beautiful note, mostly a positive one, where we can both move on without any baggage from our past relationship. Merry xmas and happy New Years to you and your family. Just wanted to say I’m here and I’m ready for us to talk if you want to, and if not farewell I let you go with peace, healing and positivity and wish you blessings.



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