LTME-postLast time we talked you were cold, as if I was a person that had wronged you in some way.
Ironic because I was the person wronged, not you. We weren’t done, but you broke up with me at a bizarre time. Our relationship was only getting better and stronger, we were good for eachother, and we pushed eachother to be better people. We had a good thing, but you put a swift end to that. I wasn’t expecting it, you said you didn’t either, no one did.

But hindsight is 20/20 and I’ve realized I dodged a bullet with you. I feel bad for you, because all your problems aren’t your fault. I’m sorry you couldn’t fix them. But your lack of stability has made me grateful for what you did, the funny thing is you said you didn’t want to pull me into your shit. I didn’t believe you at first then, I realized it was the truth. You never did lie to me, and I’m grateful for that. I hope you can fix your shit, because your reality is that you’re close to no one. Self-induced loneliness by self-sabotage of your closest relationships. It’s not your fault, It was what you were raised to expect.

I reached out to you because I felt bad for you, and I do still care for you. But you seem to still remain the same. So, maybe some day I’ll see you again, but until then adios rh.


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