To all the women I loved before

To all the women I loved before

To all the women I loved before


Dear Women of my past,

I thought the world of you. I loved you. I would have stayed forever if you would have kept me. But as they say the cheese stands alone… I would like to thank you all for the experiences. I’ve had quite a few exes but I would like to focus on three of them. In 2012 I was severely overweight and my self esteem was very very low. I met a women who from day one I couldn’t stop thinking about….until she finally asked me for a piece of gum and we went from there. She was attached but in the process of leaving the relationship. We spent a lot of forbidden time together…..mostly just having sex and going out occasionally. I fell in love hard, I met her mom, sister and brother. It felt real.. but in the end she ghosted me never told me why and left me a real mess. I went further into depression and gained more weight.

Then I meet Number 2….. she was at the “end” of a relationship or so I thought. What I thought was sincere turned out to be nothing of the sort. She was pregnant when we started and I was more than excited to be there for her and cater to her needs. This turned into 3 wasted years ending in her marrying the person she was with originally. I won’t play the victim here because i never gave her my all because her situation didn’t seem over as she said it was. However, I still loved her and enjoyed what we had. Number 3, single completely, total opposite of who I usually date and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN. I have never tried so hard in my life to make a relationship work.

It was a new experience for her she never dated a woman before so it was new. She wanted to be secretive and I was cool with that. I just didn’t see any way forward for our relationship. She wouldn’t tell her older kid or properly introduce me to him. She introduced to her little one but of course he was too young to figure it out. I meet her sister but she just thought I was her friend and her mother thought the same. I didn’t see that she took me seriously because of her private ways. I ended it when i could and regretted it after. 💔 I just want you three ladies to know that I love you all dearly and I don’t regret a thing. One taught me that people will hurt you and never depend on anyone too much. Two taught me to love myself and get in shape!! Three taught me to have fun and live life to the fullest!! Thank you all!! Love Ash.


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